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 *** new electric rate will be posted on  February 15, 2018

Cong. Uybarreta Meets with NGCP and NAPOCOR for Updates on Power Restoration Efforts in the Eastern Visayas Region

  In his desire to expedite the restoration of electricity which will surely alleviate the plight of the  victims of the earthquake that struck the Eastern Visayas region, Representative Carlos Roman L. Uybarreta met with the officials of NGCP headed by Atty. Luis Manuel U. Bugayong, General Counsel of NGCP, this morning. Also present were Mr. Dennis Gan, Head, Operation and Maintenance Management; Ms. Marik Manrique, Head, Revenue and Regulatory Affairs; and Mr. Raul Galano, Head, Visayas Systems  Operations. NGCP discussed with Rep. Uybarreta their plan on how to restore power in the region.

  First is the need to fix the inverter of the High Voltage Direct Current (“HVDC”) in order for NGCP to tap into the Luzon power grid. NGCP reported that the HVDC sustained cracks and has oil leaks because of the earthquake. ABB, the manufacturer of the HVDC, already inspected and made repairs on the inverter and is awaiting recommendation from its Sweden office on what to do next. Worst case scenario is if there is a need to replace a major part then it will take a month for the unit to be energized.

  NGCP also confirmed that four (Transformer Nos. 1, 2, 3, and 4) of their six transformers are not working. There is an on-going replacement of primary bushing on Transformer No. 6 and hopefully it will be energized for testing within the day, together with Transformer No. 5. Moreover, a 1x150 MVA transformer from Compostela SS and 1x100 MVA transformer from Cebu will be transferred to Ormoc SS. NGCP already started the disassembly of the said transformers last July 12, 2017. It will take 4 days for the disassembly, 8 days for the hauling, and 6 days for assembly and will be ready for commissioning on July 31, 2017.

  NGCP will also reconfigure the Compostela-Daanbantayan-Tabango-Ormoc 230kV line to be energized at 138 kV in order to supply power to Ormoc SS and possibly to the adjacent cities.

  Three power barges from TransAsia and another one from Salcon Power Corp. are also available for deployment to the region. Two will be deployed in Bohol and the other two in Leyte. It will take 4 days to tow the power barges from their present location while NGCP will need around 3-5 days to prepare the transmission lines that will connect the power barges to the grid.

  Rep. Uybarreta commended the NGCP with their work and joined them with their hope that electricity will be restored the soonest possible time for the people of the Eastern Visayas region.

  After the meeting with NGCP officials, Rep. Uybarreta also met with Atty. Melchor P. Ridulme, the general counsel of NAPOCOR to ask for their assistance in identifying possible mooring location of the power barges in Bohol and Leyte. NAPOCOR gave assurance to Rep. Uybarreta that they will extend any possible help in order to address the current problem in the Eastern Visayas region.

NEA is audit complaint anew

11July 2017


After clarifying some issues pertaining to its 2015 financial statement, the Commission on Audit (COA) once again declared the National Electrification Administration (NEA) as compliant with government transparency standards.

The NEA was rendered an unqualified opinion for calendar years 2015 and 2016 based on the latest COA Independent Auditor’s Report (IAR). This enabled the agency to keep its reputable standing among state-owned corporations.

Administrator Edgardo Masongsong welcomed this development especially since the NEA espouse absolute honesty as one of its corporate values. “We appreciate this opinion by COA and rightly so because we are building on the best practices of the former administration,” he said.

“As we continue to advocate good public governance, trust that the NEA and the 121 electric cooperatives nationwide will remain assiduous in carrying out their collective mandate to stay on par with our state auditors’ expectations,” Masongsong added.

The agency tasked to implement total rural electrification in the Philippine failed to secure a clear audit finding last year after COA found a significant variance amounting to P12.110-billion in its 2015 financial statement.

The figure stemmed from the P20.247-billion balance of the NEA based on Bureau of Treasury (BTr) records minus the P8.137-billion year-end balance of account posted by the agency representing national government (NG) advances on its foreign loans between 1971 to 1989.

Upon further assessment, however, COA said the NEA already recorded the unbooked interest on NG advances amounting to P6.499-billion and reversed the entry made for the Foreign Currency Adjustment of Prior Years amounting to P3.500-billion.

“Further, BTr reversed in its books the amount of P2.111-billion representing maintenance of value risk. Accordingly, our present opinion on the 2015 financial statements is no longer qualified concerning this matter,” COA said in its IAR.

The report signed by OIC Supervising Auditor Glorina Suson last May 23 covered the transactions, accounts and operations of the NEA for 2016 to determine the level of assurance that may be placed on the management’s assertions on its financial performance.

Also considered was the propriety of the transactions as well as its adherence to the existing rules, regulations and policies of the organization, and the extent of the implementation of prior year’s audit recommendations. ###

DOE Oversees Assessment and Restoration of Energy Services after Magnitude 6.5 Earthquake Hits the Visayas

06 July 2017

DOE Media Advisory

At around 4:00 PM today (06 July 2017), a magnitude 6.5 earthquake occurred in Jaro, Leyte causing power interruptions in Leyte, Samar, and Bohol Islands. Panay, Negros, Cebu and the other areas in the Visayas.

The Department of Energy (DOE) has been closely coordinating with the members of the energy family to look into the extent of the damage.

In restoring the energy services in the affected areas, DOE Sec. Alfonso G. Cusi advised the industry players to ensure the application of safety practices in restoring the delivery of energy services to the consumers in the earthquake affected areas.

The DOE initially monitored the following pieces of information:

1. The Bohol Grid is on total power failure at 1604H because it was affected by the tripping of Ormoc-Maasin Feeder load which involves 64.2 MW.

2.  Market Intervention was declared by the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) as system operator starting at interval 17 (or 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm) due to the isolation of the Leyte and Samar Areas and tripping of the Leyte A power plant.

3. After the earthquake, power interruptions occurred in the Panay and Negros areas due to the UFR (Under Frequency Relay) caused by the outage of Leyte A power plant.

4. Initial Report from the power generator, GreenCore, states that all the geothermal power plants in Leyte tripped @4:04pm after the M6.5 quake with the epicenter near the geothermal complex.

Damage to Unified Leyte Geothermal Power Plant switch yard was reported.

Power generators, Green Core and Energy Development Corporation (EDC), are assessing the total damage.

5. Earthquake intensity 6.5 with epicenter at Kananga, Leyte is near the geothermal plants.

Leyte and Bohol experience led total power failure but Cebu, Negros and Panay have power.

The power situation for Cebu, Panay and Negros may however still change due to the volatility of the demand by the hour and the loss of the generating capacity of the affected geothermal plants.

6. Earthquake Advisory as of 6PM, 06 July 2017 from the NGCP relayed that

At 4:03 PM today, a magnitude 6.5 earthquake occurred in Jaro, Leyte causing blackout in Leyte, Samar, and Bohol Islands. Panay, Negros and Cebu Islands experienced power interruptions but are now fully restored.

NGCP is still assessing the extent of the damage to its transmission facilities in the Visayas region. Aerial and foot patrol will commence once it is safe.

Updates will be issued as soon as available.

7. Additional Info from the NGCP stated that the System Operator-initiated Market Intervention is still in effect.  All Trading Participants are required to comply with the dispatch instruction of the System Operator.

8. In the power generation sector, Vice President Lito Santos of the EDC reported to Energy Sec. Cusi that all employees in the area are accounted for, with some of the personnel suffering from minor injuries. EDC owns and operates the Unified Leyte Geothermal Power Plants (ULGPP). Santos further submitted that all of ULGPP's units which generates over 500 MW tripped. Santos assures the energy Secretary that the assessments are still ongoing and will prioritize the Tongonan Unit. The EDC observed that the 138kV tie-line is intact. Hence, it can concentrate on restoring the operations of its generators to deliver the generated electricity into the grid which may take one to two weeks. This timeline may change after a thorough assessment is conducted.

9. Another power generator, Green Core Geothermal Inc. reported that it's Palinpinon geothermal power plant unit 1 which generates around 37 MW tripped. It was offline at around 4:00pm due to the activation of the Cebu-Negros System Integrity Protection Scheme.

However, the plant was immediately back online and delivering its generated electricity at 5:00pm of the same day.

10. The NGCP, reported as of 6PM today (06 July 2017) that the services by the transmission facilities have been fully restored. Nevertheless, the seeks to re-assessing the extent of the damage to its Tongonan-Kanaga 158 KV tie-line as well as the other transmission facilities in the entire Visayas region.

NGCP assured the DOE and the public that the necessary aerial and foot patrols will immediately commence once the conditions to conduct the same are safe.

11. The DOE enjoins all the managers of the energy facilities, including the power distribution utilities, to submit regular updates to the DOE for proper coordination and quick restoration.


NEA activates PRRD task force in the wake of Leyte quake


09 July 2017

The National Electrification Administration (NEA) has organized the Power Restoration Rapid Deployment (PRRD) task force to assist the quake struck electric cooperatives (ECs) in Visayas, Administrator Edgardo Masongsong said over the weekend.

Masongsong likewise stated the mechanism for a quick response fund is already being drafted in aid of power coops with ravaged facilities per the instruction of Energy Secretary Alfonso Cusi.

“The NEA has mobilized the PRRD task force to make sure that power is restored in the quake-hit towns of Leyte and its neighboring areas sooner rather than later. I am also constantly in touch with the general managers of all the concerned ECs to check on their progress,” he said.

Latest ground information from NEA Deputy Administrator Engr. Artis Nikki Tortola said all ECs in Eastern Visayas provinces and Bohol still experience blackout even though no significant damages have been reported in their distribution systems.

Thus far, they are awaiting energization from the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) and other providers such as the Energy Development Corporation (EDC) whose power plant in Ormoc, Leyte was shut down shortfly after the quake.

As of noon Saturday, NGCP said it has expedited the construction of a bypass line connecting its Tabango and Ormoc substations, which would carry power from Cebu to the affected islands of Leyte, Samar, Bohol and Biliran. It is expected to be completed by Monday.

Update from Leyte V Electric Cooperative, Inc. (Leyeco V) said its 5MVA Tambis substation in Tabango, which was originally intended to cater for just three municipalities, has been spread out to cover the towns of Calubi-an, Matag-ob, Kananga and soon Palompon.

Leyeco V general manager Engr. Juanito Jorda, Jr. thus advised all electricity consumers within their franchise area to conserve power amid a low voltage currently being experienced in the affected villages to avoid rotational brownout.

“Please minimize the use of electricity during day time and use only necessary lights and appliances at night time. Avoid using air conditioning units, freezers, rice cookers, electric irons and other energy-hungry appliances at this time,” Jorda said.

Meanwhile, the Department of Energy (DOE) also directed National Power Corporation (NPC) to run its diesel plant to augment electricity supply in Bohol. The NEA is closely monitoring its potential impact on the rates to ensure that customers would not be placed further at a disadvantage.

According to Bohol I Electric Cooperative, Inc. (Boheco I) general manager Engr. Dino Nicolas Roxas, price variance is pegged at more or less P3 per kilowatt hour compared to their average rate at this point and it cannot address their total demand.

In his text message to the NEA chief, Roxas said Boheco I has a peak demand of 34 megawatts (MW). The NPC diesel power plant right now may generate only 16 MW and private distribution utility firm Bohol Light Company, Inc. also plans to utilize the same.

“Based on our conversation with the plant manager, they will share the available power to the utilities in Bohol. We can also run our hydro plants (around 7 MW capacity) if we have already feedback power coming from the diesel power plant,” Roxas assured nonetheless. ###

NEA chief lauds Biselco for exemplary performance on its 34th AGMA

For exhibiting exemplary performance, Busuanga Island Electric Cooperative, Inc. (Biselco) received commendation from no less than National Electrification Administration (NEA) chief Edgardo Masongsong during its 34th Annual General Membership Assembly on Tuesday (June 27).

Biselco held its AGMA at the Coron Coliseum in Barangay Poblacion, Coron, Palawan under the theme "A Breakthrough: Through Unity, Perseverance and String Relations with Member-Consumers and Stakeholders."

Some 1,200 member-consumer-owners (MCOs) of Biselco gathered to attend the event, which was highlighted by the presence of NEA Administrator Masongsong, who served as guest speaker, and Energy Undersecretary Benito Ranque, the guest of honor.

Masongsong, in his message, congratulated Biselco for its exemplary performance especially when it continued serving the consumers despite the calamities such as Typhoon Yolanda in 2013.

He also presented the new NEA vision and directions anchored on the nine-point agenda of Energy Secretary Alfonso Cusi and the five-point electricity agenda of President Duterte. He also introduced the National Center of Electric Cooperative Consumers, Inc. (NCECCO) and officiated the mass oath-taking for their membership to NCECCO.

Undersecretary Ranque, on the other hand, emphasized the role of rural electrification towards rural development as envisioned by the President in realizing the AmbisyonNatin 2040, the government's 25-year long-term vision to end poverty in the country.

Biselco is categorized as a medium-sized electric cooperative (EC) and an AA-rated EC with 100 percent collection efficiency, 10.38 percent system loss and a minimal unbundled average power rate for residential consumers of only P8.5449/kWh.

Though it still has to energize some 39 percent potential households or 9,000, Biselco is at present has a demand of more or less 4.7MW served by the Calamian Islands Power Corp. (CIPC), which has an installed capacity of 7.5MW in Coron and 910kW in Busuanga. ###



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