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Alang sa tanang miembro-konsumidor sa Lungsod sa BOHECO I:

Sugod niadtong March 23, 2018, ang BOHECO I nisuspende sa Masterpay sa ilang opportinidad nga pagdawat sa balayronon sa kurente isip collecting partners sa BOHECO I tungod sa wala pagbayad sa ilang collection sa atong coop.

Tungod niining maong panghitabo, among gi-awhag ang mga kunsumidor sa dili pagbayad sa iyong balayronon sa Masterpay nga mga outlet. Nangayo me sa inyong cooperation sa dili pagbayad sa ilang mga outlet aron dili kita makadawat ug problema.

Daghag salamat.


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 *** new electric rate will be posted on  April 15, 2018


Bohol I Electric Cooperative, Inc. (BOHECO I) celebrated its 44th anniversary last Tuesday, August 11. Several years ago, back in 1971, the cooperative had only been serving 9 municipalities which were Tubigon, Clarin, Sagbayan, Catigbian, San Isidro, Balilihan, Calape, Loon and Antequera. However, at present BOHECO I is delighted in serving a total of 26 municipalities all over the province. The innovation and expansion of the cooperative was accompanied by numerous consumers, who on the other hand, are benefited with the enhancement, progress and betterment of people’s lives through streamlined work flow and productivity. 


“Over the last 44 year BOHECO I would not have been what it is today if not for the warriors of light,” said Engr. Dino Nicolas T. Roxas, BOHECO I’s General Manager. “I attribute BOHECO’s success to the incorporators, directors and pioneer employees, whose hardwork and dedication to build the institution are deemed unparalleled. Their selfless sacrifices fuel the present workforce’ drive to ensure that their fruits of labor won’t go in vain and at the same time serve as inspiration to improve the overall performance of the coop for the common good.” With dedication, hardwork and enthusiasm, BOHECO I’s success had been inevitable. The cooperative’s track record of results and success is made possible through the keen selection of people, just implementation of policies and undying support of member-consumers, of course. Year after year the cooperative have been receiving plaques of recognition and awards throughout the country, making a trail of being given by the National Electrification Administration A GRAND DIAMOND ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE for EMMANUEL N. PELAEZ AWARD for unprecedented track record of exceptional performance in all facets of operation and its continuing initiatives for improvements and innovations in rendering excellent service, thus, serving as an EC showcase and inspiration worthy of emulation in the year 2011. Thus, the several recognition received by the organization encouraged the cooperative to aspire more and be a trend-setter of excellence, work value and open public relation which then led BOHECO I for its long existence.


Now, the cooperative comprises of more than 350 employees, that includes the staff and personnel from the sub-office and employees from different stations, who were very spirited and vigorous throughout the said event. BOHECO I’s 44th Founding Day was officially opened with a thanksgiving mass officiated by Rev. Fr. Gilbert P. Ilogon. Thereafter, everyone assembled in front of the gates and geared up for the motorcade which was escorted by a patrol car and followed by DBC, motorcycles, BOD, GMs, ISD, OSD, ESD, PGD, SEEAD, Sub-office and maintenance crew, respectively. It was past 10 when the motorcade ended and returned to the grounds of BOHECO I. The opening remark was delivered by BOHECO I’s Board President, Exequiel H. Agunod, and was superseded with the awarding of loyalty rings together with GM Roxas for those employees who have been serving the cooperative for 25 years.


To fill the air with beat, the BOHECO I Band was all set to entertain the rest of the crowd with their rendition of songs, not to mention the participation of other employees during the performance which added to the cheery atmosphere. The Oath of Amateurism was then lead by Engr. Victorio L. Sarigumba, manager of Engineering Services Department while the declaration of the official opening of games was done by the General Manager, Engr. Roxas. The lighting of torch was executed with pride by Mr. Dionisio B. Sarigumba, and so several games were opened for all employees; there were darts, chess, and table tennis, to name some. The building was overflowed with bursts of screaming and laughing among employees who were all out in giving their best throughout the competition. It was around 12 noon when scrumptious packed lunch was distributed to regain the energy of players as well as non-players and it was also a time to interact with other employees who are not main office based. The dynamic activities did not end there. A professional zumba instructor was brought to the house to invite everybody for a fun workout routine. Not one missed to involve themselves on the said dance since the music itself is already persuading and the employees are on the go and very full of life. The day was wrapped with a dinner and it was not later when it was set to accommodate everyone and good food was placed before us to enjoy and savor.


The experience together with the colleagues is priceless and a joyful one. Moreover, it was a moment to commemorate the small beginnings of BOHECO I and how far it has reached today. It was truly a day of celebration and glee not just for the employees of BOHECO I, but also to the people who unconditionally rendered all efforts and services for the “impossible dream” of electrification to be made possible. Everyone deserves a fair slice of the cake.