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Consumer Welfare Desk

Smart - 09199950240

Globe - 09177147493


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(038) 501 7287

Globe Telephone No. (Trunk line) - connecting all locals

(038) 501 0668

PLDT Direct line

(038) 412 3479


Alang sa tanang miembro-konsumidor sa mga Lungsod sakop sa BOHECO I:

Sugod niadtong March 23, 2018, ang BOHECO I nisuspende sa Masterpay sa ilang opportunidad sa pagdawat sa balayronon sa kuryente isip collecting partners sa BOHECO I tungod sa wala nila pagbayad sa ilang collection ngadto sa atong coop.

Tungod niining maong panghitabo, among gi-awhag ang mga kunsumidor sa dili pagbayad sa ilang balayronon sa kuryente sa Masterpay nga mga outlet. Nangayo kami sa inyong kooperasyon sa dili pagbayad sa ilang mga outlet aron dili kita maproblema.

Daghag salamat.


Payment Partners

ML Kwarta Padala   Palawan Pawnshop

Henry Lhuillier   Prime Asia

USSC   Save n Earn

Gemmary Pawnshop   



Electric Rates for May 2018




Low Voltage

Public Building
Street Lights

High Voltage


 *** new electric rate will be posted on  June 15, 2018




    • To avoid non-remittance of collections/monies and/or failure to turn over  materials/equipment due the Coop within the required period pursuant to existing policies, rules, and regulations.
    • To avoid the concealment of defective work which may directly result in prejudice or loss to the Coop.
    • To avoid tampering or causing somebody to tamper with electric meter or any metering device with the purpose of defrauding the Coop.
    • To avoid punching or filling up the time card or record of another employee.


    • To give ready assistance to the family of a co-employee and/or Coop employee in the region especially in times of grief.
    • To assist the less–educated consumers fast-track their purpose in the Coop so as to make them feel at home and/or give them the confidence they need.


    • To follow the official time set in reporting and leaving for work.
    • To avoid loafing or loitering around the Coop’s premises and engaging in unnecessary conversation with other employees during office hours or leaving work assignment temporarily without permission from the supervisor.
    • To always wear the Coop’s prescribed uniform and/or identification card, safety equipment and/or gadgets, such as hard hats during official hours.
    • To avoid habitual or excessive tardiness and unauthorized and unexcused absences (AWOL).
    • To avoid minor “horseplay” inside the Coop’s premises at all hours and/or during the performance of one’s assigned work and/or duties, and at assigned place of work during official working hours.
    • To avoid smoking at “No Smoking Areas”.


    • To fully accomplish the assigned task on or before the deadline set by the supervisors.
    • To render at all times a full day’s productive work for a full day’s pay.
    • To perform his/her work efficiently and should strive at all times to prove himself/herself worthy of the trust and confidence that the Coop has reposed upon them.
    • To exert every effort to avoid absenteeism, tardiness, and other practices which curtail or limit maximum production or output required of his/her position.  


    • To do assigned work or task diligently so as to achieve the targets of his/her section or department on the scheduled time.
    • To avoid unnecessary delay or failure to comply with official orders and/or regular assigned duties or specific instructions related to his/her work.
    • To follow and perform all legal orders from superiors to hasten the completion of a certain project.
    • To know and grasp fully the different operations of the Coop and its policies, rules, and regulations so as to have uniform answers to questions frequently asked.

Palabra de Honor

    • To arrive on or before the scheduled time in any appointment set by the Coop. No postponement should be done on the date set. It should be made two or three days prior to the scheduled date.
    • To always comply with a promise made. It should not be broken.


    • To switch off lights and air-conditioning units when not in use.
    • To use recycle papers for drafts and inter-office communications.
    • To travel only to places as reflected in the trip tickets.
    • To schedule travels such that the use of many vehicles for the same destination be avoided.
    • To return excess or unused materials to the warehouse for proper safekeeping.